Access to health care

2021-03-19 12:43:22

Health for all is the common vision of all human beings. With astrong focus on general idea of "pioneering and innovation and continuous progress", we have increased the R&D expenditure input constantly and been devoted to boosting drug R&D and innovation for multiple years. We established scientific research and innovation platform actively, improved IPRs protection system, promoted technological achievement transformation and contribute our power to people's health and well-being.

n  Highlights

?  In 2020, the total R&D investment is about RMB 619 million, and 26 R&D projects have been approved, including 6 innovative drug R&D projects

?  In 2020, 11 production approval documents were obtained, 6 consistency evaluation product specifications were passed, 60 domestic patent authorizations were obtained

?  In 2020, two provincial engineering technology centers – Guangzhou Engineering Technology Research Center for Andrology Medication and Guangdong Engineering Technology Center for Plant Beverage were established

?  In 2020, National Laboratory Dog Resource Library of Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd. successfully developed the world's first gene edited human disease dog with Hemophilia A.

?  In 2020, the number of varieties listed to health insurance directory was increased by 4; expired drug recovery project has been implemented for 17 consecutive years and a total of 6,000 drugstores in 200 cities in domestic China participated in the offline drug recovery.

?  By the end of 2020, our Company has 5 national R&D institutions, 1 national enterprise technical center and 2 postdoctoral workstations, 16 provincial enterprise technical centers, 18 provincial engineering technicalcenters, 4 provincial key laboratories and 1 provincial engineer laboratory, 14municipal enterprise technical centers, 14 engineering technical R&Dcenters and 6 municipal key laboratories.

n  Our Approach to Access to Health Care

We kept playing the main role of innovation, encouraged the R&Dof innovative drugs, accelerated the improvement of R&D platform scale constriction and provided new means and scheme for treatment of rare disease;boosted the development of primary medical care actively and improved medical service and medicine accessibility duly; closely followed the consumption trendchange, transformed product marketing mode flexibly and created brand scale effect; advocated the health idea to the public vigorously and created afavorable social atmosphere of healthy life.

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